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Herbalife24 Mega Water Bottle

Herbalife24 Mega Water Bottle

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Product Overview


It’s easy to stay hydrated and refreshed—and start the Herbalife24 conversation – at work, the gym or wherever you go.


Key Benefits
Herbalife24 Mega Cup lid and straw of the product are made with advanced food safe resin. This product is not made with BPAs or its precursors, and SGS tested and certified.
Please pay attention to the following directions for the proper use of this product. Water cup for up to 60oz (2000mL) of room and cold temperature only. Do not use this product with HOT liquids.
  • Hand wash the product only. Do not wash or dry the cup and lid using a dishwasher and dryer to avoid the “anti-leakage silicon ring” from distortion
  • Do not place the Herbalife24 Mega Cup in the refrigerator to avoid the “anti-leakage silicon ring” from hardening
  • Wash the anti-leakage silicon ring gently, towel dry properly to preserve anti-leakage property
  • Clean the Herbalife24 Mega Cup with soft cloth to avoid scratches and maintain luster
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